Wednesday, February 04, 2009


No matter how bad the economy gets, the irrepressible cosmetic marketers can still create innovative products and encourage consumers to open their wallets. New lipsticks are a prime example.

It is estimated the average woman will eat two pounds of lipstick in her lifetime. So why not make an edible lipstick that is good for you? A company, founded by Scott-Vincent Borba, already has one on the market, its: Inside Out Lipstick—Revive. Borba claims it is “the first lipstick that’s actually good for you.” While the long-lasting lipstick beautifies you on the outside, Borba’s nutraceutical infused with vitamins and other healthy ingredients beautifies you on the inside. He says “This is the first-ever lipstick that will nourish, moisturize and rejuvenate lips” The price: $22.

To feed your ego, if you can afford it, French luxury firm Guerlain has released its KissKiss Gold and Diamonds lipstick in selected stores in the US, with the impressive price tag of $62,000.

The lipstick is a replica of the KissKiss lipstick released in 2005, designed by Olivier Echaudemaison and Herve Van Der Staeten. KissKiss contains light reflectors, to create a 'dazzling effect', and a softening complex of vitamin A, alpha bisabol and waxes, to provide instant and long lasting moisture.

I found this one while researching alpha bisabol for my Consumer’s Dictionary of Cosmetic Ingredients published by Three Rivers Press. Bisabol also called Oplopanax is a myrrh-type gum resin obtained from African trees. Widely used in cosmetics including bath soaps, eye makeup removers, fragrances, deodorants, foundations, shaving creams, skin fresheners, baby lotions, powders, lipsticks, and after-shave lotions.

Nothing spectacular so far perhaps, but the key to the notable price tag lies in the packaging. The casing of Guerlain's latest super-luxury lipstick is made from 110g of 18 carat yellow gold, with 119 diamonds decorating its surface.

And so why did a lipstick merit such a lavish design? According to the designer Herve Van Der Straeten: "Lipstick is simple, yet mysterious”. This element of surprise creates curiosity and longing, which is what I hope each woman experiences when she clutches KissKiss Gold and Diamonds in the heart of her hand. It is powerful and unimaginable, unique and desired, obtainable and unobtainable at the same time." Fellow designer Echaudemaison, more simply describes the lipstick as being designed for those who 'indulge in lavishness and appreciate exquisite design'.

If that lipstick is not in your pocketbook range, then maybe you’ll be interested in this innovation. Paris Hilton has a gold Lipstick—Lilycharm-- for dogs. It’s Pink and costs $15.99

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